Foam glass is one of the most popular thermal insulation materials, as in contrast to the well-known polystyrene and mineral wool insulation is durable, dimensionally stable, absolutely non-flammable, environmentally friendly inorganic material having no restrictions on the period of operation.

Technology of plate, block and granulated foamed glass Penosytal was developed in conjunction with the Perm National Research Polytechnical University in late 2003 and successfully mastered at the industrial enterprise. Is currently preparing for the introduction of the technology is already the fourth generation of foam glass, allowing you to create more flexible, technologically simple and cheap production and significantly reduces energy consumption, material consumption of production, increasing the range and quality of products.

Technology Penosytal featured on numerous national and international exhibitions, including gold medals. Insulation materials Penosytal were represented in the 13 Russian innovative projects at the World Universal Exhibition Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The project on industrial production of foam glass Penosytal for his contribution to strengthening the ecological security of the sustainable development of Russia awarded a diploma at the contest "National Environmental Prize" in 2007 by the Committee on Ecology of the State Duma and the Foundation named after VI Vernadsky.

Our technology Penosytal based on inexpensive and widely available in any region of the Russian off-grade glass, the amount of which increases in the solid waste each year tens of millions of tons. KNOW-HOW technology Penosytal produces foamed glass, the surface of which is not leaking so-called ASR reaction (interaction of silica foamed glass with the alkali in the cement binder). The lack of such cooperation is confirmed as the exploitation of composites Penosytal in various industrial sites and special tests including during VNIIZHB in which the bulk foam glass Penosytal recommended as a filler in structural lightweight concrete for the production of walling and slabs . Unlike other manufacturers foam glass absence ASR reaction in Penosytal foam glass allows its installation, bonding, plastering, etc. using widely available cement binder. Penosytal foam glass technology allows a vapor as the classic foam glass, so permeable. These unique properties of vapor-permeable foam glass Penosytal open a huge market for facade materials (several million cubic meters a year) is currently closed for foam glass from other manufacturers.

We supply technological lines (including delivery, installation, commissioning and training) for the production of various types and kinds of plate and granulated foamed glass Penosytal, including small fraction of cement slurries. Equipment and materials of the Russian manufacturers. It can also be supplied integrated production line, including the production of granulated foamed glass Penosytal and production on its basis of composite heat-insulating constructional gypsum partition wall blocks that do not require additional insulation.

Production of granulated foamed glass

Production of foamed glass plates

Granulated foamed glassBall furnace for granulated foamed glass Foamed glass platesFurnace for foamed glass plates

We invite partners to create a joint research and production enterprise for promotion to the markets of various kinds and types of materials from foamed glass Penosytal, the development of promising new penostekolnyh materials and technologies for their production and use.

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