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Foam glass - one thermal insulator, which does not come to us from the West, and specifically developed in Russia in the middle of the XX century for harsh Russian conditions. Reliable, efficient, safe - these properties have appreciated all over the world and is used on objects where the trade-off is inappropriate.
You build a house for themselves and their children - as about any other heaters can be a question ?!

WikipediA: The benefits of foam glass

About foamglass in Wikipedia   Along with excellent thermal insulation properties and a full environmental and hygienic safety, foam glass has a high strength, dimensional stability, low density, long life, high frost resistance and non-flammability, ease of handling and ease of installation, the ability to maintain these rates for a long time constant. The material is resistant to all commonly used acids and their vapors, is water and water vapor, is not subject to the defeat of bacteria and fungi, impassable for rodents, does not support combustion does not emit smoke or toxic substances. This combination of properties is not present at one of the famous thermal insulation materials.


Foam glass is foamed at a temperature of 750-850 °C glass. It consists of gas-filled cells separated by finest walls. These partitions, in contrast to the foam concretes and not friable and porous and continuous, smooth and melted. The chemical composition of the foam glass corresponds to the usual glass.


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Foam glass plates
Crushed foam glass
Foam glass plates and blocks Crushed foam glass
Foam glass gravel
Small fraction granulated foamed glass
Granular foam glass Small fraction granulated foamed glass


Foam glass is one of the most popular thermal insulation materials, as in contrast to the well-known polystyrene and mineral wool insulation is durable, dimensionally stable, absolutely non-flammable, environmentally friendly inorganic material having no restrictions on the period of operation.
The use of foam glass in cold climates is most effective in comparison with other insulating materials as foam glass retains its insulating properties both in positive and negative temperatures.
Foam glass is an indispensable building blocks for the southern regions of Russia, where in humid hot climates rapidly destroyed almost all known materials.

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